The Website of Alex J. MacDonald

I'm a developer and a goofball.



  • Gmail is macdonald.alex.james.
  • Github.

Things I like:



  Space Telescope Science Institute
  Senior Test Engineer
  November 2009 to present

    Spearheaded design and implementation of web-based infrastructure used to 
    track testing campaigns, visualize workflow, and facilitate custom reports.

    Administrated legacy testing middleware, upgrading and integrating new 
    components in Lua and Ruby.

    Developed toolset, GUI for generation and analysis of spacecraft
    commands and telemetry data in C++, Lua, and Python.

  University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  awarded BS in Computer Science
  Fall 2007 to Spring 2013

    In CMSC 491G, Advanced Graphics for Games, implemented modern graphical 
    techniques in GLSL, including a volume renderer, shadowing, and a 
    displacement shader.

    In CMSC 291V, Anatomy of a Video Game, created graphical demo of 
    procedurally generated terrain using B-spline interpolation, and developed 
    adventure game with other student artists and designers.

    Collaborated in research in machine learning, investigating various methods of 
    improving a classifier by rescaling its confidence of its predictions.

  Breakaway LTD
  Summer 2008

    Implemented game state tracking and user interface for
    medical simulator in C++ and Lua.

    Supported in-house development tools and participated
    in user interface design.


  Proficient with C/C++, Lua, Ruby.
  In these, I have developed full applications.

  Familiar with Java, Python, Common LISP,
  and JavaScript (in the context of frontend development).

  I will code PHP, though only under duress.

Technologies & frameworks

  DirectX, OpenGL with HLSL, GLSL.
  Linux/UNIX development, scripting, administration.
  HTML/CSS and Adobe Photoshop for layout and web design.

Et cetera

  Clear and concise documentation.
  Source control with Subversion, Mercurial, Git.
  Development experience in traditional (waterfall, spiral...)
  & Agile software development lifecycles.

Code samples & references are available upon request.